My free "Bat & Ball" game is available for download here:


This game is my version of the classic breakout game. The basic idea is that a ball is bouncing around and every time you have a chance you hit it with your bat. A number of blocks must be hit one or more times in order to be eliminated. You finish a level by eliminating all blocks in the game area. 

Click the small screen shot to the right to see a full screen shot.

It's only 42 kb, and include the executable as well as Windows help files. 


What’s new

In the classic version of the game the bat movement is restricted to a line at the bottom of the game area. I made the bat area two-dimensional, thus allowing the player much more freedom to control the ball movement.

I also put a great deal of effort into the bonus system. My goal was to make it very simple and at the same time "motivating" for even the skilled player. 

Terms of Use

Rule number one: have fun!

Use of "Bat & Ball" is 100% free, and you may distribute the unaltered .zip file anyway you like. However no modifications, decomposition or reverse engineering is allowed. There is no shareware or commercial versions available at the moment. 


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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