I live with my family: my wife Ming-Yuan and our two daughters Marina and Amalie, in our new house in Hoersholm, about 25 km north of Copenhagen.

Our oldest daughter lives in Aarhus and the youngest is still at home.

My mother, Esther Nielsen, moved to Hørsholm a couple of years ago.

Sadly my father died in 2004.




If you have question or comments to any of the contents found on these pages please contact me.


My father did a lot of research on his (and my) ancestors, most of the impressive data collection is available on his home page. Please direct any requests regarding this information to me.


Education and Past Experience

I received my M.Sc.E.E. degree from Technical University of Denmark in 1985 with a thesis on error correcting codes. After that I worked at Bruel & Kjaer and Thrane & Thrane, where I developed digital signal processing solutions for several types and generations of satellite phones and base stations. I managed the engineering and development department of Thrane & Thrane for three years before joining Intel as an ASIC manager in 2000.

I co-founded chipSign September 2001. We made (design etc.) crypto IP cores, ASICs and SSL accelerator boards, and we see our solutions as one of the enablers of the secure Internet.

In 2003 I joined Weibel Scientific as the R&D manager. We deliver the most advanced Doppler radars for tracking and measurement purposes.

In 1987 I received a Bachelors degree in Economics from Copenhagen Business School


I started to play golf when I was 14 years old and when I stopped at age 17 my handicap was 6. After my studies I started playing again and have been doing so (on and off) ever since.

For me the game is great way to use the body, improve my physical and mental skills and perhaps challenge myself and others from time to time. Now my wife is playing too and she's hooked as well. My handicap is 6.0 at the moment, and I enjoy the game a lot.

Unfortunately the weather in Denmark is not suited for golf between October and May, it is too cold, rainy and dark (in my opinion) so my winter sport is badminton.