To install:

  1. Click jjn_drawtools.rbz to download it to your computer
  2. Open Sketchup
  3. Click Window and then Preferences to open the System Preferences
  4. Select Extensions in the left window
  5. Click Install Extensions
  6. Select the jjn_drawtools.rbz file from step 1
  7. Make sure that Draw Ring is selected in the list of extensions
  8. Exit the System Preferences dialog

3D Drawings

Sketchup is a fantastic tool for drawing simple or complex 3D structures. Download Sketchup and use it for free, watch an instruction video and draw you living room in 10 minutes. Go to the 3D warehouse and download all kinds of furniture to see how it looks in your living room.

I’ve used it for a number of minor projects and a few larger ones like sketching our house in Hørsholm.

This ring was created with: jjn_drawtools.rbz

Draw Ring Extension for Sketchup

This extension for Sketchup draws a user defined ring, that would otherwise be difficult to draw manually. Initially I just wanted to draw the famous Möbius strip using the Ruby script language, but then one step led to next and eventually I made this tool, that I would like to share with you. For more information about the parameters see the:  Draw Ring Tutorial.

To un-install it simply go back to the Extensions page of the System Preferences and de-select the Draw Ring extension. Next time you open Sketchup the extension is no longer loaded.

To use:

  1. Click Extensions in the menu bar and select Draw Ring
  2. Modify the parameters of the ring
  3. Hit Ok to start the drawing process

This may take a few minutes depending on the number of loops and the level of detail selected.

Möbius Strip

Use the default settings to produce the Möbius strip.

To rotate the model point the mouse, hold down the left button and move the mouse. Use the shift key to move it. Use the mouse wheel to zoom .

Click the 3D Warehouse logo to download this model without using the extension. I’ve uploaded several other examples showing models produced with the Draw Ring extension..